"I have definitely experienced my own personal MENtal health struggles. My current MENtal state is up and down during these times, as far as my injury is concerned. It can be an extremely hard obstacle for me to stay positive when I'm constantly surrounded by my teammates and I cannot do the same things they are doing. I usually try to find something that focuses my mind on my football craft such as, watching film, or just talking football with my boys. 
As a college athlete, the pressure that I feel is always having to make sure that I am constantly representing myself well on and off the field. I have to act as if there is a camera on me all the time. My overall MENtal health has been okay during my college career, despite dealing with some off the field issues that could have negatively affected my performance on the field. 
My family has always been extremely supportive of me. My mother is my rock and has always put her best foot forward for me. I urge others to never be afraid to talk about how you feel and to always surround yourself with people that you are comfortable enough to talk to. 
If you are currently dealing with any MENtal issues, please take the time to focus on yourself. Put yourself first for once because your mind is more important than anything. Talk to someone of comfort and trust: family, therapist, friends, coaches, teammates, etc. If you can’t reach anyone, or you feel alone, I recommend to start journaling as well, it's just another way to get whatever you are dealing with off your chest." 



July 08, 2022 — Teddy Sourlis