In my experiences I’ve learned that the key to strong MENtal health is creating your own consistency. The only constant in life is change, and we often find ourselves in MENtal struggles when change occurs. I’ve learned that if I become my greatest consistency, that’s all I can control to bring me peace.

Because of this, I’m a very stoic person, I typically don’t show my every emotion to every person I come across. I have a very firm base of family and friends that I know can help me through anything. It helps to have a village of people around you to talk to and ask questions of. Picking up perspective can help you to see other ways of addressing problems in life.
There are always going to be struggles and adversity, and in those times I personally fall back to rely on my faith. I personally believe in scripture that tells me that God gives us adversity to remind us that we are not the ones in control. I get if that isn’t everyone’s style, but regardless it represents the idea that life is bigger than ourselves and what we have control of. 
I try my best to control what I can control, that being my own attitude and effort. If I’m my biggest consistency, dealing with change becomes easier. I worry less about the external stressors and focus on continuing to move forward. I try my best to appreciate every day because our worst days are others’ hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

As a person who loves control and loves to feel like they have it all figured out, it’s okay to not. It’s okay to talk to someone who loves you. It’s okay to admit that you don’t feel like yourself. It’s okay to need seek help. Build yourself up so that the world can’t break you down.

I explore life’s ideas and perspectives like this - and more - on my website, … always remember that you are loved.


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October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis