There’s only a few things that’s guaranteed when you grow up in poverty. Drug abuse, domestic violence, broken homes, Gangs, murders, police, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma.... a lot of abnormal situations that a child should not experience. A lot of decisions that a child should not make for themselves. Growing up through these things, I became accustomed to it and just put a patch over it.
For me basketball was my patch. As I got to college and outside of that environment, I started to realize a lot of my peers didn’t grow up the same way I did and see life the same way as me. At times it was hard to fit in with groups or get people to understand me. I had to understand myself better and learn that a lot of my peers grew up on love and not survival.
When Covid-19 hit, basketball was taken away immediately. That means that I no longer could patch up a lot of the things I’ve been through in life. This was my senior year and needless to say I invested everything of myself to finish on top with a national title. I sacrificed. I took a pillow and blanket to the gym and spent nights in the there. Athletes tend to embed themselves with their sport. When basketball died a part of me died.
All my teammates and peers went back home to their family. I struggled with going back Home. I wasn’t ready to be in that environment yet. I love my hood to death but I also want to save my hood one day and not get trapped as many do trying to escape it.
So I was in my apartment at school to myself during the quarantine time trying to figure out “Who is Chucky Humphries.” At times I struggled, but I kept pushing forward to be a better version of myself. My faith in God grew more throughout this time. I understood that God can take away blessings as fast as he gave them. I realized God was challenging me to be bigger than just basketball. I used quarantine time to rebuild and elevate my mental.
I’m blessed and thankful that basketball has been placed back in my life in 2021 as I start my professional career in Portugal. I plan on using my platform to inspire kids to get through any tough situation and to rise above being the victim of any situation. Touching on my mental health was the best decision I made in my 24 years of living.
October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis