"Ever since I was younger I always felt a sense of pressure and sadness. It was until last year when I actually sought professional help. I was officially diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder. It started around when I was going into high-school. It has always been bad and I never felt confident in myself and I was always trying to fake it and act like I’m okay. Sports was really the only way I could show everyone who I really was, and it still is the only true happiness I feel. I’ve been working on myself a lot. I’ve been more open and trying to help other people. I’ve really been making progress and improving myself in the past year and really been put focus on MENtal health in sports (especially men’s sports) as sometimes I believe there is a view that is: 'men can’t feel down and sad at times and it’s hard to be open about all this stuff.' I just want to share my story and make other people understand that it’s okay to go out and talk and open up about everything. I want people to see this and encourage them to open up."


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October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis