"MENtal health is something a lot of guys still deal with today whether it be sports related or not. I never knew how important my MENtal health was until I found out how much my MENtality controls my progress in life. Once I changed the way I thought about things, life got easier. Everyday I get to
wake up and live the life I live and that is a blessing so the best thing I can do is make life all the better to REALLY live. MENtal health as an athlete is extremely important because if your mind isn't right, then how could your body possibly be ok? My best advice to people going through something hard would be work as hard as you can everyday to better your situation. Even on the days where you just wanna lay in bed, get up & try. Also, find people you can confide in & if you don't have someone like that then write every thought down. I have done more for my MENtal health than ever this past year thanks to my habits and amazing people around me. I truly believe that people who experience hardships and persevere are better off then those who never experienced them at all."


June 24, 2022 — Teddy Sourlis