"As a man, it’s easy to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders at times. As a student-athlete, your margin of error becomes that much more thin. I have had a lot of days where shit just doesn’t go my way. I have had even more days where it seems as though it would be easier to just give up and quit rather than to keep pushing forward. One lesson I have learned as an athlete is the value of perseverance through hard times. If I can continue to wake up every day and work my ass off-regardless of how I feel-then life’s daily challenges don’t seem as difficult. If I feel myself getting too comfortable, I know I’m cheating myself and anyone who has ever invested in me. Ultimately, there is something beautiful about struggle. When you come out the other side, every struggle seems worthwhile. No matter how difficult things may get, at the end of the day all you’ve got is yourself.  So you might as well laugh and have a sense of humor, because more often than not, that’s all you’ve got."


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October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis