"MENtal health has always been very dear to me, not only is MENtal health a priority in my life but it’s also important to bring knowledge to others to influence the importance of being open about their MENtal status. When I first came to University of South Florida as a early signee, I was facing the loss of my brother who passed away a month prior. I became very depressed to the point where nights I cried and went days without talking to anyone. As a man, it’s hard to be open to others and having the instinct of just wanting to do things without help, but I took it upon myself to reach out to a counselor and seek help with my pain. I took the opportunity to make myself a better man from dealing with the loss of a love one, taking the pain and turning it into motivation and love because I know spiritually he will always be with me. Knowing that I turned something so sad into something better really made me grow and prosper to see the brighter side of things and living his life through mine."


Eric Snow (2022) | Georgia Bombers
October 25, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis