"Growing up, even with a supportive and loving community, my value felt performance-based on and off the basketball court: a culture of achieveMENt for men especially student-athletes. During this pandemic, I was unable to graduate high school and see my friends. My first year in college was filled with setbacks from COVID-19, packed schedules, academic pressure, high expectations, stress, and more. COVID-19 brought even more disruption to our daily lives last year, severing connections with a large part of our identity as athletes. Coupled with political and social upheaval, it is exacting a heavy toll on many, particularly male student-athletes of color. I want to hold myself accountable to my MENtal wellness and serve as an example about the need to discuss feelings of frustration, disappointMENt, isolation and anxiety. I know that taking care of my whole self is what will allow me to reach my personal goals, team goals and navigate through changing times."


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October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis