My name is Blane Briggs, also called Scoob, I’m from Naples Florida and play football at Colgate University. For me, anxiety has been something I’ve dealt with for as long as I can remember. It’s this constant overwhelming feeling that I might fail or might not accomplish certain things in my life which cause these nerves and anxiety. Throughout my college career, I have dealt with many injuries and over time I have seen my athleticism kind of deteriorate over the years. Ultimately, this caused me to fall into this depression, especially when I got surgery on my hip, and I honestly wanted to stay in my room all day and see no one. I even began to decline calls from friends and family because I felt like I let so many people down and I didn’t want to speak to anybody. Still to this day, I battle with constant anxiety and sometimes it causes me to just want to be in my room and not see people. I think so many times, MEN are expected to put these feelings to the side and act like they don’t exist because we are MEN and shouldn’t show weakness , especially in sports. MENtal health is something I have dealt with and continue to deal with and is something I am passionate about. It’s something I like to make others more aware of and make more MEN understand they can speak out about their MENtal health issues."


November 18, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis