"I think of my mental health as bandwidth. Like how wifi can only deal with certain amount of data coming from multiple devices. Similarly I can only handle so many problems at at time. With college sports, college classes, old and new friendships, family, and relationships it's really easy to fill up that "bandwidth." So the most important thing I think is making sure you're not overloading yourself. While you may be able to deal with a lot of those problems, the more there are the harder properly dealing with them becomes. So my advice to myself and others is try your hardest to only give your "bandwidth" to things that matter. Don't waste your time on people who don't care about you or on things you can't control. Then the problems you do decide are worth it, don't deal with them alone. Share with people and let them lighten your load. Your friends and family are there to share some of your problems, to free up that space or "bandwidth" in your mind to make everything run smoother."
October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis