"MENtal health, to me, is a key component that people tend to look pass. The mind is something that works in different ways and training it will not only help you, but save you from a lot. Being a college athlete, people don’t take their MENtal seriously enough which makes them fall into a dark world. My experience with my MENtal came coming out of high school with no Division 1 offer. I fell in a deep stage in my life that messed my MENtal up because all I wanted to do growing up was play football. I had a pastor that helped me get through it and move forward and now I am in a better place at Louisville.
If you believe that your MENtal health is not important, you are wrong. If you feel like no one has your back and can help you, go talk to someone that you trust and get help because you’re MENtal goes a long way, especially for athletes."


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October 05, 2021 — Teddy Sourlis