"The body always keeps the score. Life happens, and how you respond to certain life stressors is very subjective, there’s no standard. Sometimes, MEN choose to ignore these stressors which isn’t entirely a bad idea, however like I said, the body always keeps the score... (Furthermore), I work in a very fast-paced, go, go, go environment & always feeding off of the energy and vibrations of my clientele and members. Whether their vibes may be positive, negative, high frequency or low frequency, it Is emotionally and MENtally taxing. The one moment I had a chance to take a break from work, my mind started to work even more. I started having nightmares of one of my clients and started getting night sweats for (NEARLY) four nights straight. The body keeps the score. It turns out that the one client of mine was causing a great deal of stress on me, that even though I chose to ignore it and brush off the slight disrespect, my body chose otherwise.

I figured all of that out not by myself but with my therapist. He was able to help me figure out why it was happening and ways to stop it from happening again. Its easy to ignore problems, feelings and emotions. It isn’t easy being vulnerable, speaking on them, and articulating them so you’re not confusing with your jargon. We don’t have it all figured out, and life comes with stress. It’s how you deal with the stress that really matters. MENtal fitness is a thing, finding different solutions to different problems takes time, but no one is ever alone. MENtal health is important. Without a strong foundation, it’ll be tough to respond to those stressors of life. Whether it be talking it out, or exercise (the most underused antidepressant), its up to you to figure out what brings you peace, clarity, and even grace for yourself.

Always remember, the body always keeps the score."