"My overall MENtal health had a positive impact on my career so far. I really don't let things boggle me. You have to have a short memory and not be afraid to mess up. It helps me because when bad things do happen, I am proactive to move on and focus on the next best thing. The pressure I feel as a collegiate athlete I'd say would be the time management of things without messing anything up. People my age make mistakes, but as a college athlete you can mess up once or twice and people start worrying about you. Everyone isn't perfect so there should be room for error. Fortunately, I am blessed to say my current MENtal health is
great. I have never experienced MENtal health challenges or struggles. For the people around me that I know did, I would kindly say to be open to conversation with your peers or family members. It will lighten you up & get your mind off of things. My loved ones are always behind me, whether it's good or bad, which is uplifting to know that they have my back through whatever. Tell someone about your struggles so you can get it out there. Most people hold it in & it gets worse. Letting a specialist, peer, or family member might make you feel better
getting it off your chest. Don't ever be afraid to get help."


July 06, 2022 — Teddy Sourlis